Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Utes Did It!

The Utes did it, it was an awesome game - one for the record books!
Our friends the Clark's had their annual new years dessert party (the night of the Utah game) - it was a great time eating and watching the game while the kids had a good time in their huge playroom. And Yes, Dean is wearing a nice apron that they got at the Alexander's Christmas Party white elephant gift exchange - complements of the Robinson's!
The Raabs!
This is what I brought to the party - in the picture they look a little like bones - they are supposed to be snowflakes.


The Webb Family said...

Cute cupcakes! I think you better buy Jeremy one of those aprons--woohoo!

Hillybug said...

sorry we missed the party! aren't you glad I made you buy that apron? and yes our children are playing in the other room while I am on the computer :) i am checking on them I promise!

Jackie said...

HEATHER!!!! How in the heck are you??? You look great! So nice to "see" you! I will for sure tell my mom "hi" for you, she will be happy that I heard from you.
Keep in touch!!! :)

Jackie said...

Oh ya---and killer cupcakes!!! I loved them! How did you make the snow flakes?