Sunday, January 25, 2009

Back to the 80's take two!

80's Roller Skating Party - the theme was movies in the 80's - I dressed up like Xanadu and Jeremy dressed up in his "Save Ferris" (a la Ferris Bueller's Day Off) shirt. We had a great time - Jeremy fell once and I didn't fall at all this time woohoo!
The Party planners - The Wilsons
Us and the Hardys
The Alexanders!
Becky, Jennifer, and Liz.
Just some the girls from the party.
The Rollands

Cheryl, Lindsey, and Hilliary.


Becky said...

I never heard that the theme was "movies in the 80's"! Enochka (is that how you spell it?) needs to communicate these things better. The poor Rowberry's went to the restaurant at 7 because no one told them it has been changed to 8. Oh well, fun was had by all.

AO said...

Love your pictures Heather. You guys sure can do 80s well :) Thanks for sharing!

Buxton Family said...

What fun pictures. I still have a very ugly bruise on my knee from when I fell. No short skirts for me for a few more weeks!