Sunday, January 17, 2010

Wedding Cake Challenge

This last Monday I get a call from this gal who has a daughter who is getting married and her daughter's friend suggested me to do her wedding cake. The mother didn't really have an idea to who the friend was and she probably thought I was crazy because I really wanted to know where my name was being spread (I found out later when I talked to the bride). Anyways the mother said they needed the cake by this Saturday, so the nice person I am I took on the challenge. It was even more of a challenge when the bride said, "just do what ever you want, I have seen your work and I trust you" - here again I think the bride thought I was crazy because I was laughing on the phone, a very nervous laugh. I always thought the bride has the cake design in there heads - but then again this was a quick wedding and a second marriage, so maybe she just didn't care. Everything worked and they loved the cake! (she did tell me that she wanted two layers and square - and with a little help from Martha Stuart this was my creation)

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