Saturday, July 25, 2009


This summer I came down on the kids and gave them chore charts. They love it! I always feel that summer gets so busy and we never have time to do a little school work, and I feel that it was time to teach Madison and Dawson how to clean a few places in the house. Well, let me tell you it worked! The other day I was cleaning my house for a ladies knit/crochet night and my wonderful daughter saw me on my hands and knees (heavy with child) scrubbing the kitchen floor and she asks "mom can I do that?" Without hesitation I handed her the sponge! She also helped with a few other big jobs. She is getting so big and helpful. She is excited for the baby but she also is still a little disappointed that she isn't getting a sister. She asked me the other day "when do I get a sister? Does Heavenly Father just want me mad?" I had to explain to her that "daddy never had a sister and Uncle Jack never had a brother - when Dawson, Jackson, and this baby get married then you will have your sisters".

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