Thursday, June 11, 2009

Schools Out For Summer!

Madison is done with 2nd grade:( She truly has grown into a beautiful girl and I am very proud of her and what she has accomplished. This year she graduated from Speech. After five years of working with her to come out of her little talking spell - she has finally done it! Ever since the age of 3 when she wouldn't say but two words to me - now the questions fly! And I am thankful for her friends - I was told that she would be looked at as different by her peers and probably wouldn't make any friends - she has never come home and said that someone has made fun of her or teased her (I have continually dreaded for that day, but it has never happened). She is still very shy and does get nervous to what people think of her when she does have to stand in front of the class for an oral report or is the center of attention - but then so do I! I asked her what her favorite thing was this school year and she said "Art Technique" - she has become a very creative little artist!
As the classroom mom I was asked to plan the end of the year party and so the first picture shows all the stuff I put together for the party. They played two games: sound charades and fox and socks game (balancing the boxes - they were the puppy class so I decorated the boxes with puppies), they each got a dog tag with their very own puppy name (Madison's name was Mittsy), for the class gift I put together a recipe book for the two teachers (I ask the students to write down on a 3by5 card their favorite recipes), Madison gave the teachers a dog bowl of cake cups, and the class had hot dogs for their treat!
Last day of school! We are doing the 3D chalk - it kinda worked - the kids had a great time (and so did mom and dad)!

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