Monday, April 6, 2009

Jackson's 3rd Birthday

My little boy is three - let the tug of wars begin! He is half asleep in this picture - when he walked in that morning we all started singing happy birthday to him and the look of shock and fear came over his face - I wish I had a snap shot of it!
It's clothes - woohoo!
My smiley boy! He loved his fish shirt.
His birthday fell on Conference Sunday, so we had breakfast in Mom and Dad's room - the kids thought it was great (I think it was our second time doing it).
His Sully cake - he loves Monsters Inc. I looked all over for a Sully figurine - I should of thought about it in advance and shopped on eBay. His favorite color is blue, but after seeing this cake it is now purple.
We died Easter Eggs.

Make a wish!

Priceless - thanks Aunt Andrea, Uncle Jason, Jaren, Maya, Karli, and Kate!

I think he had a great day!

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e m i l y said...

Holy cow, he's old and huge!!! And it's oh so very, very late....but happy birthday to you! Miss you, love you!